Frequently asked questions


Is it worthwhile having gum treatment to try and keep my teeth? Should I just remove them and have implants?

This is a very personal decision and your periodontist in conjunction with your family dentist or specialist prosthodontist will be able to assist you and guide your care. 

There are pros and cons with each option. Considerations such as longevity of the teeth versus implant-prosthetics, aesthetics, maintenance requirements, treatment time-frame, number of visits, procedural fees, risk of complications are some of the things we will discuss with you before you commence treatment. More recently there's convincing scientific data putting dental implant treatment in perspective when you are comparing natural teeth versus dental implant prostheses over a period of time. 

Do I need more x-rays for my initial consultation, I just had some taken recently at my dentist?

X-rays are prescribed by your dentist or periodontist for specific reasons. We follow the best practice guidelines as set out by the National Radiation Laboratory and the New Zealand Dental Association Code of Practice. That is as little accumulative exposure as possible and the x-ray is taken only if we can't do without it. Be assured that we have the most up to date modern equipment for enhanced yet safe diagnostics. The x-rays taken for examination and re-evaluation at PerioCARE are of generally different views compared to those taken by your dentist. They provide information relating to your periodontal and dental implant treatment plan. 

I spend so much time brushing my teeth, why do I still have problems? 

Yes we understand your frustration! It's very tricky cleaning the awkward molars and back teeth. Especially  when you can't see at the back. Our hygienist has very practical tips and recommendations that you can incorporate today into your daily routine. For many patients it's not so much as how often and how  much time, it's a question of the techniques which are most suitable for you. Just remember that like any other learned skill it takes time to get it right. Please bring all of your brushes when you come to see us so that we can revise and optimise your techniques. Please contact us if you've any questions surrounding your care. We are here to help you.

Will Surgery be painful?

All patients are a little anxious about pain and discomfort associated with surgical procedures and this is very normal. Your periodontist will explain our pre-operative care and aftercare protocols to ensure that you are well looked after. Please discuss your concerns with your periodontist.

I'm going to be out of town for the next few months, how will that affect my maintenance care?

It is important that you continue with your maintenance care whilst you are away. We have a contact list of periodontist colleagues and or general practices with hygienists around the country and Australia. Please notify us and we can assist you with a referral with hand-over-of care records. Upon your return to Auckland we are very happy to resume your care with us. Please contact us prior to your departure date.

Where can I buy the recommended brushes?

We stock a range of homecare products. Please send us an email or give us a call and we will be able to help you. Alternatively try or

I'm a bit confused. Whom should I see for my periodontal maintenance?

Take a look at our maintenance section of the website. It explains why and how maintenance is arranged. The short answer here is that it depends on the individual patient's risk factors for re-infection; what's going on with the rest of the mouth; the patient's consistency in maintaining a high quality daily tooth brushing routine as well as the tools and systems at the different practices.  There are other considerations too. 

Dr. Lingfeng Soo will communicate with your dentist or prosthodontist and your hygienist so that you receive timely and structured care. 

My implant-crown is a bit loose, whom should I ring?

Dr. Lingfeng Soo can assess whether it's really the implant-crown that is a bit loose or whether it's the implant body itself that is mobile. Please contact us and we will be able to assist you. Alternatively contact your family dentist or specialist prosthodontist.

I really don't like my smile, my teeth are all pushed out. Is it worthwhile having gum treatment?

There are real benefits in retaining your own teeth for example being able to eat sandwiches and enjoy food. Teeth can be safely re-aligned when the gums are healthy and firm. This means that you can proceed with orthodontic treatment about 3-9 months after you commenced periodontal therapy. (Orthodontic treatment in the presence of active gum infection can lead to further attachment loss.)

There are many considerations when we discuss treatment options. Together we weigh the pros and cons of each stage of care. This includes discussing the pros and cons of retaining your teeth versus removal. If you wish to remove them what options are there in replacing them. If you wish to retain them what are the chances of keeping them for the next 5-10 years; the next 15 years, etc.  Your periodontist will be happy to discuss your specific case with you. 

I do not wish to wait 3 to 9 months for my implant-crown. I hear that I can have "teeth in one day". Can I have that option?

For the appropriate case yes it's possible to place the implant and deliver the provisional implant-crown on the same day. This is dependent on having optimum anatomy to begin with. Contact us to arrange a consultation with your periodontist to find out if this is suitable for you.