We welcome all new patients.


It is not necessary to have a referral letter to see the periodontist. 

However your hygienist or general dentist will often send handover information and perhaps a copy of your recent clinical records.

During your initial consultation we  discuss your concerns and your reasons for seeking care. We collect the necessary diagnostic information. Aesthetic concerns are taken into consideration. We discuss our findings and explain the treatment options  available to you as well as the associated procedural fees. We make recommendations and clarify your expectations and your chances of achieving a stable longterm outcome. There is time for you to ask questions and we invite you to bring along a family member or partner if you are feeling particularly apprehensive. For highly complex cases you may require an additional pre-surgical consultation. 

Please arrive early to fill in a confidential health questionnaire and for the 2-D scan (the panoramic xray). 

The health questionnaire is to ensure your safety whilst under our care. Please notify us prior to your visit if you have artificial heart valves or if you are taking anti-coagulants (blood thinners).


Standard initial full mouth consult $390 (60min)

Short consult for a single site/tooth $190 (30min)

Short screening consult $190 (30min)

3-D cone beam CT scan if required $245

The 2-D scan or panoramic xray is included within the consult fee. 


Due to the nature of periodontal problems, most patients require a full 60min for the initial consult. 

If we detect significant problems associated with other teeth / dental implants during a short consult, we will offer you another appointment to complete the full mouth examination and to discuss your overall findings and treatment options.

It is customary for us to communicate with your dental team and family doctor, this is to facilitate a co-ordinated approach to your care. If you do not have a regular doctor or dentist we can make some recommendations.

We understand that we are sometimes called upon to provide a consultation report only. 

Sometimes simple surgical procedures such as pericison can be done at your first visit to the practice. 

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